Quota planning is a big concern for sales organizations. Although decades of practice have brought the
process closer to a science – with organizations repeating this exercise annually or quarterly - many
companies still struggle to ensure a consistent attainment of corporate goals*.

With all we have learned about quota planning, why do we keep getting it wrong? This guide will get you up
to speed with the principles, stages, challenges, and best practices. We explain the main pros and cons for
every quota allocation method and help you decide which approach suits your business and strategy.

Let’s start with the golden rule of great quota management: companies need to set quotas that are
challenging, yet achievable by the typical rep. Rewarding exceptional top performers should not come at the
expense of others. It is not about a top performing minority. Overly aggressive quotas affect team morale,
lead to frustration, and result in an overall decrease in performance.


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