Security's Identity Crisis: Are you Overlooking the #1 Attack Vector?

Despite spending tens of billions of dollars on cybersecurity, there’s been no shortage of
headlines about massive security breaches. But while most security companies focus on how
the breach happened, they’re missing a critical part of the story. They’re not talking about
what’s being targeted in order to get to the data. The fact is, most breaches ultimately
leverage compromised identities, stolen passwords or privileged access. Access that’s
essential to the modern boundaryless enterprise and to the way work gets done today.
So, it stands to reason that when it comes to breaches, all roads lead to identity.

This eBook takes a look at what’s behind Security’s Identity Crisis and helps you assess
how your security strategy stacks up and how to rethink your approach. We’ll explore ways
to strengthen your company’s identity controls along with analysts’ best practices.


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