Rethink Enterprise Endpoint Security In The Cloud Computing Era

In the year 2016 alone, the world learned about security breaches
that compromised nearly 2 billion records.Employee endpoints are
increasingly targeted: Nearly two-thirds (64%) of external attacks
last year targeted a corporate-owned, employee-owned, or mobile
device. Data breaches cost companies time and money, weaken brand
reputation, and jeopardize customer and employee trust.

As companies embrace cloud services and encourage employee
mobility, digital interactions with company resources have become
more distributed and virtualized, blurring the traditional concept of the
endpoint. Optimizing traditional and nontraditional endpoints for access
to cloud services is critical, particularly when it comes to security. To
protect company and customer data, it is increasingly necessary for
enterprises to revisit how they approach endpoint security.

In June 2017, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate
enterprise challenges and best practices for endpoint security in the
cloud computing era. Forrester conducted a global online survey with
1,221 security decision makers at enterprises that use cloud services.
Our study showed that companies need to take a broader view of
endpoint security that includes all on- and off-network devices and
software with access to company data.


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