Mid-year Threat Research Report

This research is derived from ThreatLabZ, Zscaler’s global
research team, and covers a twelve-month period of threat
activity through July 2017.

The Zscaler cloud serves more than 5,000 organizations across
100 data centers, processing over 35 billion requests a day.

As malicious activities are identified and isolated, ThreatLabZ
researchers perform rigorous investigations to close the attack
window and reduce the impact of the intended threat. To protect
our customers, we detect and block over 100 million threats daily,
including botnet call-home attempts and highly targeted phishing
attempts, and we perform 120,000 unique security updates,
translating to 5,000 updates per hour.

Access to this volume of traffic and real-time visibility allows
ThreatLabZ researchers to produce unparalleled insight and
analytics that capture trends, patterns and behaviors of internet
traffic, and cyber activity.


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