Close What Matters: 5 Requirements for Reducing Vulnerability Risk

It only takes one exploited vulnerability to bring down
a large enterprise. And it doesn’t have to be a zero-day;
according to Gartner, zero-day vulnerabilities will play
a role in less than 0.1% of attacks, excluding sensitive
government targets, through 2020. That means in most
cyber attacks a patch will be available, and security
tools will trigger alerts. But still the vulnerabilities will
remain open, enabling attackers to access businesscritical
systems and sensitive data.

The problem isn’t a lack of security controls—it’s too
many alerts. For security teams that lack the resources
to analyze, correlate, and prioritize vulnerabilities,
remediation is a game of Russian roulette. The good
news is, vulnerability management doesn’t have
to be fraught with risk. You can prioritize high-risk
vulnerabilities. You can significantly reduce the risk of
leaving a targeted vulnerability open.


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