Anytime, Anywhere Messaging with OpenSource Software Support

TIBCO now includes commercial support and services for Apache™ Kafka® stream
processing and Eclipse Mosquitto server implementation of the MQTT protocol,
as part of TIBCO® Messaging. Any businesses using these open source projects
can now take advantage of enterprise-class, 24×7, follow-the-sun support for their
messaging infrastructure.

TIBCO® Messaging continues to evolve and adapt to a growing need to share data
between an ever-increasing number and variety of applications. Messaging initially
emerged out of the need to increase the level of abstraction and decrease the
dependencies shared between applications. Today, as the messaging environment
continues to mature, developers look to public and private cloud, to containers,
devices, and an expanding number of use cases like log aggregation, machine
generated data, and IoT data collection. Each of these use cases brings unique
and often challenging requirements.

TIBCO recognizes the need to not only develop new and innovative messaging
solutions, but also to enable anytime, anywhere messaging. With the addition of
open-source software (OSS) support for Apache Kafka, and for MQTT via the Eclipse
Mosquitto project, TIBCO Messaging is advancing the idea that diferent types of
messaging, no matter the flavor, must be done efciently, quickly, and reliably.


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