A SaaS Provider Survival Guide: Performance, Security, and Encryption Essentials for Online Applications

The SaaS market is expected to grow by 196% from 2016 to 2020. As the SaaS market continues to swell and
become an integral component of business infrastructure, security and performance remains top-of-mind for
both SaaS providers and their customers. As this growth continues, SaaS providers will face increased competition
in delivering the most secure and performant applications to customers. Underperforming applications and
those vulnerable to attack will inevitably experience a negative impact on revenue, end-user engagement,
brand reputation, and customer churn. Beyond availability, SaaS customers expect that the applications they
purchase are protected by SSL encryption and served from their own custom domain—rather than that of
their provider. But doing so requires either significant investment (and ongoing maintenance) in automating the
certificate lifecycle, or implementation of costly manual procedures that place a burden on customers to acquire,
renew, and securely upload private keys and certificates.

Cloudflare’s performance and security solution for SaaS providers protects and accelerates SaaS provider, SaaS
customer, and web visitor experiences. Cloudflare’s 10 Tbps global content delivery network (CDN), combined
with Argo smart routing, load balancing, and performance optimizations, reduces visitor latency by up to 2x.
Cloudflare’s advanced DDoS protection, combined with Rate Limiting and Web Application Firewall (WAF), mitigate
both large volumetric and complex attacks which target network, transport, and application layers. In addition,
SaaS providers have the option of securing the transfer of customer data with an easy-to-implement and fully
managed SSL solution for custom vanity domains.


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